Miner Level

All the miners at the beginning of the game are “Level 1” miners: they can carry what they mined for the past hour. Therefore, the player should log in and claim what Level 1 miners have mined every hour. Upgraded miners can carry more mined resources; therefore, with every upgrade to the miners, the more miners can gather and carry. This way, the players can set their own schedule based on their ability to log in to the game; increasing the efficiency of mining.

Every upgrade increases the levels of all hired miners. Please check the costs of upgrades in “Miner Levels” page.

90% of MOTS used during the development will be burned. The rest of it will be transferred to the team.

Miner LevelPercentageHours/ClaimMOTS

Tier I Miner


1 hours


Tier II Miner


2 hours


Tier III Miner


4 hours


Tier IV Miner


8 hours


Tier V Miner


12 hours


Tier VI Miner


24 hours


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