Drill Level

Tier I Drill will be provided as unlimited use at the start of the game.

In order to access new depths, every player is given a big drill. Using this drill, different depths can be reached and mined. Every level of depth drilled will increase the hardness of the drilling process; increasing the time needed to drill. In order to compensate for the increasing hardness, drill can be upgraded to dig faster.

Please check the “Drill Levels” page for detailed information about upgrade costs for the drill and the efficiency effect of the upgrade to the drill.

90% of MOTS used during the development will be burned. The rest of it will be transferred to the team.

Tier II Drill

Tier II Drill development fee 200 MOTS.

Tier III Drill

Tier III Drill development fee 400 MOTS.

Tier IV Drill

Tier IV Drill development fee 800 MOTS.

Tier V Drill

Tier V Drill development fee 1500 MOTS.

Tier VI Drill

Tier VI Drill development fee 3000 MOTS.

Tier VII Drill

Tier VII Drill development fee 6000 MOTS.

Tier VIII Drill

Tier VIII Drill development fee 10000 MOTS.

Tier IX Drill

Tier IX Drill development fee 20000 MOTS.

Tier X Drill

Tier X Drill development fee 45000 MOTS.

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