About the Game

Once you have connected to the Solana, you are ready to start.

Ultimate Goal: Be the richest man on the earth!!!

When your life was going really well, suddenly bad luck has caught on you, and you are broke now. While you have been trying to find a way to get your life back, you have seen an advertisement about people willing to sell their land cheap for some reason. Curious about why people would be willing to sell their estates so cheap, you wonder the location in the advertisement; only to realize that the rocks seem different than ordinary. With a little anxiety, you call your friend who is a geologist; tell him about the location, and seemingly different rocks. Sharing your sense of wonder, your geologist friend tells you that such difference in land and rocks can only be the reason of the earth to contain valuable ores and minerals.

Your quest to become the richest man on earth started with the loan you have got from the bank to buy the land and establish a mining company. Although you earn bits at the beginning; deeper you dig, more valuable materials you get. So, your main task is to dig as deep as you can to acquire the wealth this endeavor promises.

About the game…

MOTS is a P2E game with a fairly straightforward approach; strategize, expand and earn more than anybody else. Fundamental idea is to mine straight down into different mining layers for different rewards. The deeper you dig, the more valuable the ores and gems you mine get. You will have one miner at the very beginning of the game but you can hire up to ten miners per layer from the recruitment center. Also, miners can be upgraded at the training center.

Deeper layers can be achieved by using drills. Drills have infinite usage capabilities but their drill capabilities can only be upgraded by using materials and ores mined. Every update of the drill reduces the layer drilling time by 50%; increasing the efficiency of the mining operation; increasing your profits. Every layer has different ores and materials to be mined. For instance, coal can be mined in the first layer while copper can be mined in the second layer. Expectedly, copper is more valuable than coal; therefore, marginal revenue is higher in the second layer compared to the first.

The materials and ores you have mined can be sold for $MOTS or may be stocked. Every halving of the gains will affect the price of the ores mined. Also, second phase of the development would include a market space in which ores and materials essential for upgrades can be bought and sold.

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